YouTube Remote – Leanback App Questions

One of my favorite pass times at home is to use the YouTube Leanback application for Android which acts as a remote for watching YouTube videos on a Smart TV.

First of all, you can pick up the YouTube Leanback application for free from the Play Store here – Get App.

YouTube Leanback

YouTube Leanback

In this blog post, I will try to answer a few questions on the YouTube Leanback application which I had when I started using it.

So let us begin :)

On What Devices Can You Use The YouTube Leanback Remote?

The YouTube Leanback application can be used on any large screen that is”Smart Capable”. For example – Smart TV’s, PC’s and Laptops too.

TV sets with no features to connect to the internet via WiFi or through wired connections cannot use the YouTube Leanback application at all.

What Resolution Do The Videos Play On The YouTube Leanback application?

All videos on the YouTube Leanback application play at the highest available resolution. That is if the video originally is at 1080p, it plays only at that resolution. If the video was originally at 480p, it plays at only that resolution.

Can You Change The Video Resolution In YouTube Leanback application?


At the moment it is not possible to change the video quality in the YouTube Leanback application.This is definitely something that Google needs to look at making available as an option as people with slow internet connections can never buffer HD videos properly.

This has been a problem for Asian users whose internet speeds are not up-to the standards in USA. The sad thing is no one has been able to come up with a hack or solution to this problem and Google does not really seem to care much either.

Can You Make Custom Playlists?

Yes, you can create custom playlists on the YouTube Leanback application. You can drag a video to add it to the current playlist and they play the videos continuously after that.

Can The Videos Be Played In The Background?

Yes you can continue to use your phone and keep the app running in the background. This feature makes it useful to use a music device.

Your TV or big screen will continue to play the videos even if your phone has been disconnected from the internet connection or is switched off.

Are There Any Pairing Problems With  TV And Mobile Device?

Not really, I have not faced any issues as such till date. Everything works smoothly in regards to pairing the devices together.


If you have any further questions, please let me know in the comments section, I would be glad to assist you :)

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