How To Check If A Website Is Down For Everyone?

Whether you have a self hosted WordPress blog or a Google hosted unsafe blogger blog, your website will have some downtime every now and then. Similarly other websites too will have some downtime.

You can see whether a website is down only for you or for everyone by using the below mentioned tools which can help you check whether a blog or a website is down or online.

Sometimes a website may be down only for you depending on your network connection and settings, so to make sure that a blog or a website is down for everyone, you can use these tools.

These tools use a simple method to check if a website is down or not. They just gather the server info from dependable sources such as whois and then ping these servers. If there is no response from the servers within a reasonable amount of time, then that website is down.

So let us take a look at the 3 tools to check if a website is down or not.

DownRightNow gives us detailed information about the status of a website. The homepage of this site shows the constant status of some of the top websites of the internet world. Here is an illustration -

Website Down

This website also gives the option of checking out much greater details about the uptime of a website. It allows us to report a status if we find it to be wrong.

Another website that seems to follow features that very similar to the website mentioned above. With identical features and an identical domain name, this website also helps us to find the status of downtime of a website or blog.

Website Downtime

Let us look at a third option to check the status of a website.

Ufff….That’s a long domain name, not very good for SEO :D :P

This website is a little different from the rest of the websites that check for downtime of a website. With a very simple basic homepage that I would like to see rather than a clutter of text as in other sites.

Down Website

This is a very simple site, which is what I love about it. Very fast and easy to use.Here is how it shows whether a site is down or not -

Website Is Up

So these were the three ways to check if a website is down or if it is not working just for you. If you know any other tools, then please let me know in the comments!

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