Why BuySellAds Does Not Accept Websites Anymore

Okay so you would heard this story all too often, Bloggers not being accepted by BuySellAds. I have seen many forums where people keep asking why they are not getting accepted or approved into the BuySellAds network. I have had many people asking me here on my blog in the comments about why their blogs are not getting accepted by BuySellAds.

I would like to make it clear. iGau has not been accepted by BuySellAds.

I have seen many blogs which are no where near in comparison with my blog but are still in the network, although the recently accepted blogs have been of decent quality, they have been accepted only because their owners have already got established blogs or websites in the BuySellAds network.

BuySellAds Approval

I would like to explore why BuySellAds is not accepting new blogs anymore….

Page Rank Orientation

BuySellAds seems to over-concentrate on the pagerank of a website. They like to see a PR 4 or more on even new websites :D While a good PR can mean that a website is of good quality, a bad PR does not mean that a blog is useless :D

Alexa Rank Dependence

BuySellAds looks heavily at the Alexa Rank of a website before approving it. They want websites with Alexa Rank below 5000 nowadays. All bloggers know how difficult it is to get a great Alexa Rank.




This is one of the main reasons why BuySellAds does not accept new blogs and websites anymore. They have reached a level of saturation. By saturation, I mean that they are at a stage where the number of advertisers in not increasing and hence they cannot expand their company by including more blogs.

This kind of saturation with no growth is dangerous for a company like BuySellAds and is very difficult to come out of. Us bloggers need to understand that if they start including more and more blogs, the value of each blog will go down as there will be more competition and hence the earnings potential of a blog on BuySellAds will go down.

To avoid this and to keep existing publishers happy, BuySellAds scrutinize new submissions to every single detail in order to maintain the balance of advertisers and publishers!

You as a blogger might think that this is not fair, but it is fair to them. They don’t want to wither their company just so that they can help you.

The best thing you can do as a blogger is to look for alternatives to earn money.


Do not waste your time applying for BuySellAds unless you have crazy traffic, PR and Alexa Rank. Instead try to move on and look for alternatives such as blogads etc which are paying extremely well for my blog.

It is always better to avoid over-dependence on one kind of an ad network , what do you say? Please leave a comment below in the comments section!

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