Top 10 Tech Certifications For Highest Paying Jobs In 2014

The value of the IT certifications have been immensely increased as the individuals who are well-versed in the IT concepts like virtualization, project management, troubleshooting etc. are more in demand as in the coming year of 2014, such certified professionals are likely to get some of the highest paying jobs.

Project Management Professional Certification

The PMP Project management institute’s certification has been regarded as the best certification that can lead towards the individuals towards some of the highest paying jobs in their respective IT fields. This certification has a great value in both the IT as well as in the project management job industry. According to the estimates and researches, the individuals with this valuable certification can earn $105,750. This certification basically focuses on the 5 major domains, i.e. planning, execution, initiation, monitoring and closing the projects. The certification exam is quite challenging but once the candidates have successfully attained this certification, a rewarding career will welcome them.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification

Due to the increasing security threats, the organizations have been more interested in hiring the certified professionals who have gained enough proficiency in maintaining the systems security. In this scenario, the CISSP certification appears to be the most promising one and can also provide the individuals with salary near to $103,299. The certification validates the skills of the candidates in the network security, risk management, software security, disaster recovery, security architect etc.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer Certification

This certification is among the highest paying certifications for 2014 in the field of IT and the candidates can earn $97,849 by getting it. The MCSD certification successfully fulfills the demand of the software development by the big organizations and it can also boost the efficiency of the organizations, so they are willing to provide higher salaries to those certified professionals.

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator Certification

This is another valuable and among the highest paying certifications for the 2014. The companies are still utilizing the SQL server up to 2000, yet they have launched other versions but the importance of SQL server up to 2000 have much important position and the individuals certified in this certification are earning $95,950 as the companies prefer such certified individuals.

Cisco Certified Design Associate Certification

The CCDA certification is regarding as the one of the most rewarding certification for 2014. The candidates having this certification will earn a credential towards data center, optimization, voice security and wireless computer network concepts that are highly in-demand by the top organizations. And the individuals can easily get salary up to $94,799 after gaining the CCDA certification.

Microsoft Certified Application Developer Certification

The MCAD certification is now retired but it has been regarded as the highest paying certification in the field of IT because of the skills and the kind of knowledge exhibited in it. The Microsoft certified solutions developer has now taken the MCAD certification and can provide the candidates with $93,349 salary range and guarantees a promising career.

VMware Certified Professional Certification

This certification can offer salary up to $92,400 to the individuals and they can expertise themselves in the VCP data center virtualization, vSphere, it’s deploying, installing and working with this technology. According to estimate the VMware certified professionals will enjoy a rewarding career in 2014.

Certified Novell Engineer Certification

CNE’s have retained the top position among the big enterprises and companies as they can provide well-organized NetWare engineers to them. In this condition, this certification is offering much higher salaries in the IT field and close to the $91,350 salary range and this credential will remain on the top in 2014.

ITIL v3 Foundation Certification

The holders of the ITIL v3 foundation certification are regarded to be the individuals who can earn lots of money in their respective field using the ITIL v3 foundation technologies. Salary range near to $90,900 can be achieved after getting this valuable certification.

Microsoft Database Administrator

The MCITP certification holders are free to welcome a promising career and this certification can provide them highly rewarding salary range up to $90,200 and a very secure career option is open for the certified professionals. The database skills are always highly in demand by the top organizations and this certification is a perfect credential towards this requirements.

The list was presented by Selftest Training. List of top 10 highest paying certifications have been mentioned above. If you know of any other tech certifications that pay even better, please let me know in the comments below!

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