Highest Adsense Earner In The World – How Much Money He Makes?

We had made a list of top adsense earners in India, which got good response in terms of interaction….. :)

So there were people asking questions in comments and on Facebook like….

Who is the highest Adsense earner in the world?

Who makes the most money from Adsense?

How much money does the highest Adsense earner in the world earns?

These are questions I am sure every blogger and webmaster wants to know the answer to, including me :)

So I did some research and found out a few stuff about the top Adsense earners in the world. I was shocked to see that these guys were earning 10′s of times a month than what our top Indian Adsense earners were getting in a year. So there can be some crazy numbers here, so brace yourself :D

I am only going to talk about the top two highest Adsense earners, that is Shawn Hogan and Markus Frin as these two are head and shoulders above anyone else in terms of making money from Adsense.They also earn so close to each other that I felt it is not possible to decide who earns the highest when an average is taken over a year or two.

So here it goes…

Number 1 Adsense Earner In The World

Shawn Hogan – Digital Point Forums

Shawn Hogan Highest Adsense Earner

Shawn Hogan Highest Adsense Earner

Shawn Hogan owns the forum.digitalpoint.com website.

I think all you bloggers and webmasters would have visited this forum at-least once before. So I do not need to tell you how good it is and how influential it is.

Lets go through some Adsense stats for Digital Point Forums.

  • Pagerank – 5
  • Alexa Rank – 754
  • Domain Authority – 85
  • Traffic/Month – >45 Million Hits
  • Adsense Income/Year – ~ 2 Million Dollars

It has been estimated that Shawn Hogan of Digital Point will earn anywhere between 1.75Million to 2.25 Million dollars every year from Google Adsense alone. THAT IS CRAZY! :D

Well that’s not all, we have got another Google Adsense publisher who earns as much as Shawn Hogan, his name is Markus Frind.

Markus Frind – Plenty Of Fish

Markus Frind Adsense Highest Earner

Markus Frind Adsense Highest Earner

Don’t get shocked by thinking that a fishing website has the highest earnings from Adsense in the world. It’s actually an online dating service with over 3 Million daily visitors, so you can tell that he makes a killing from Adsense alone with that kind of traffic to his site!

Plenty Of Fish Adsense Stats -

  • Pagerank – 5
  • Alexa Rank – 301
  • Domain Authority – 63
  • Traffic/Month – 90 Million Hits
  • Adsense Income/Year – ~ 2 Million Dollars

Markus Frind also safely earns more than 2 Million dollars a year from Google Adsense alone, truly an enormous income that cannot be matched by any other websites.

So these two are the highest Adsense earners in the world, if you guys know any others in this similar range, please leave a comment :)


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