How To Find Direct Advertisers For Your Blog?

Many people take up blogging to make money online and direct advertising is one of the highest paying and best methods of making money online for bloggers.

To be honest, Direct Advertising gives me about 60% of my total earnings each month. Money from direct advertisers helps me pay for the hosting charges etc. Other formats like Google Adsense or affiliates do not earn the same amount as direct ads do for me. So I thought I should share how I make money from direct ad sales. Remember never to fall into black hat methods to earn money online.

Direct Advertisers

Direct Advertisers

How Does Direct Advertising Pay?

There are two types of direct ads that I use. Firs of all there is the normal ad structure where I set a particular price and the price is flat no matter how many impressions the ad gets or the number of clicks that the ads get. This is one of the most popular direct advertising solutions that is used based on estimated impressions.

The other type of direct ads are the CPM based ones. These ads pay a certain amount of money per every thousand views.This is not very popular because of the extensive tracking that is necessary but still it is used by many bloggers.

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So lets move on to see how we can find direct advertisers for our blogs….

Finding Direct Advertisers For Our Blogs

This is a task that several new bloggers find it difficult to achieve as their blogs are relatively new and hence not very famous.Here are some things you need to work on to get direct advertisers -
[box title="Pre-Requisites" color="#000"] Get A Good PageRank. ( How To Get Good PR)

Get A Good Alexa Rank. (How To Get Good Alexa Rank)

Get Lots Of Traffic. (How To Get Good Traffic)

Build A Brand Name Around Your Blog

Serve The Best Quality Content. ((How To Create Good Content) [/box]

Once you have these, you can try finding direct advertisers by the following ways.

Join Direct Ad Networks

Joining networks such as BuySellAds and BlogAds can help you a lot to find new advertisers for your blog.I personally use BlogAds and they have been very helpful in getting me regular advertisers.

But it is very difficult to get accepted by either of the two networks.

Look At Your Competitors Blogs

Taking a look at your competitors blogs wont hurt, if they have found an advertiser, you can try and contact them too. If they accept, you just got yourself another direct advertiser.

Contact Advertisers

Contact as many companies as possible and give them your stats and tell them why their company or service would profit from advertising on your blog. Try to contact only those companies whose niche exactly matches your niche, this is vital.

Do not get disheartened if one or two of them reject the offer or not even reply to the offer, you will definitely get some direct advertisers.


So these are some ways in which you can go about finding direct advertisers for your blog.If you have anything to say, you can do so in the comments section!

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