How To Get Accepted By BlogAds?

BlogAds is one of the best online direct advertising solutions for bloggers and webmasters alike. But all seem to have difficulty in getting approved by blogads.

Many new bloggers ask me on Facebook and through mail….

How to get approved by blogads?

How did your blog get approved by blogads?


These are pretty common questions that I receive. One of the main reasons why I receive such questions is that I am highly successful at earning lots of money from services like blogads. So in this blog post, I will try to let you know how I got into blogads.

Tips To Get Approved By BlogAds

Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is very important for getting into any advertising network. Like blogads, getting into buysellads also depends on the Alexa rank.

Improve Page Rank

Like Alexa Rank, Page Rank can also be a big part of the selection process at blogads. Having a higher pagerank will give you an added edge as pagerank usually signifies the quality of a site in terms of trust.

Improve The Quality Of Your Blog

Provide great information and make your blog the top blog of its niche. For example, iGau has become an authority blog in the world of blogging and technology. Try to get a name for your blog.

By improving the quality of your blog, you can also get more traffic which is very important for blogads approval. I think they want around 50K impressions a month, which is not that difficult to achieve.


Basically there is plenty of money to be made from Blogads. You just have to get on top of your niche and build a blog that they would love to have in their network. Your blog needs to be able to get consistent advertisers and hence make yourself and blogads some money.

If you have any questions, please let me know in comments section, I will try ti help you :)


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