Why Blogger [Blogspot] Blogs Are Unsafe

When people first start out in the world of blogging, whether to make money online or to just blog for fun, they usually choose WordPress or Blogger.

Many top bloggers have shifted from Blogger to WordPress platforms once the hit some success.

This blog post is mainly for those who are using blogger or blogspot blogs. I would like to discuss why blogger blogs are very unsafe and hence should not be used if you are a serious blogger who wants to make strides in the world of blogging.

Blogger Blogs Are Extremely Unsafe.Here are a list of reasons why.

GMail Log In

Blogger uses your Gmail account to log in and hence if your Gmail account is hacked or compromised then all your blogging efforts will go in vain. We often see Gmail accounts getting hacked and hence this can be very dangerous.

In WordPress, an option is given to change the admin name and hence your email ID will not be seen by anyone, but in Blogger, your email ID is open for all to see.

BlogSpot Blogs UnsafeProne To Viruses

I have seen instances where blogger blogs get hit by viruses and malware. This may happen due to spreading from other blogger blogs hosted on the same common server.

Once this happens, there is very little you can do to remove these viruses as Google themselves have to solve it. This can badly affect your SEO rankings.

You Don’t Own It

You need to realize that even if you build an empire from a blogger blog, you do not own it. Google owns it. You can never sell it or do anything like that with your blog.

This can be a huge safety hazard as the years of work you put it still does not belong to you completely.

Can Get Shut Down

If you have noticed, there are easy ways to report a blogger blog to Google. If many people report a blog, it can get shut down easily. Once your blog is shut down, it is not at all easy to get back. 99% of the time it is impossible to get back your blogger blog once Google has shut it down.

I have seen cases where competitors arrange a few reports for rival blogs and try to get them shut down. This is a very bad practice, but it happens and it is effective.

No Safety Plugins

Blogger blogs do not have the features of safety plugins like WordPress does. To be fair, blogger blogs do not have any plugins. There is only one level of security for blogger blogs, your Gmail account. Other than that there are not safety features.

WordPress blogs come with many safety barricades in terms of plugins etc.


So these were a few reasons why I felt that blogger blogs are unsafe to use and trust. If you have had any of these bad experiences, please share them with us below in the comments section!


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