Best WordPress Plugins For Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is most popular WordPress framework which owned by StudioPress, there are lots of bloggers use Genesis. Worlds most popular pro bloggers recommend to use genesis, Matt Mullenweg( Founder, WordPress), Darren Rowse(Founder, ProBlogger) these two people change the world. ProBlogger theme is also designed on Genesis Framework. So let see why genesis is best framework and how to customize genesis theme with the help of some free WordPress plugins.

Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

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Why choose Genesis Framework

As we all know Google considers well designed website on top, Genesis will help you to design beautiful blog and responsive design. It is search optimized means Google and other search engines will read your content clearly. Once you buy a genesis framework you will get access the private forum where you can ask anything about WordPress or its design.

So basically, you have the following advantages of Genesis -
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  • Extremely Search Engine Optimized
  • Easy To Use Design
  • No Coding Required
  • Great Private Forum For Support

How WordPress Plugins Help To Customize Genesis Framework?

1. Genesis Responsive Slider

You can easily understand what the use of this plugin, you can create responsive slider with the help of this plugin, slider will display featured image and title of post. You don’t need to adjust screen it will automatically adjust by plugin.

2. Genesis Simple Sidebars

This is one of the popular genesis plugin which allow you to create widget areas, assign them to sidebar inside the Genesis Framework.

3. Genesis Simple Hooks

If you are not familiar with coding this plugin is highly recommended, well we are doing everything manually but it is very useful plugin when you don’t have any coding skills. This plugin allows you to insert shortcodes, php and HTML anywhere in the framework. Mostly blogger use Predesigned theme but some bloggers want to look unique, if you one of them must try.

4. Genesis Visual Hook Guide

This is third-party plugin which allow you to design or develop your blog quick and easily, how it work this plugin is same as above plugin but there is lot of thing which make this plugin different from Genesis Simple Hooks. This is visual Hooks first install the plugin and it will show ( Filter, Markup and Hook) which help you to customize you blog easily.

5. Genesis Grid

When we are customize blog homepage and post, so why we miss archive customization. Yes this plugin help you to customize “TEASERS” or set how many post shows.

6. Genesis Simple Menus

It allow you to choose WP menu for secondary navigation on tags, pages, posts and categories. When we want to add extra menu items in a particular tags, page or categories in that case plugin will do your work easily without any coding skills.

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Well, this is our list of Best WordPress Plugins For Genesis Users. What you think and if we miss any best plugin which you use please share it in comments section!

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