How Does Labnol (Amit Agarwal) Make Money?

Well, we have all seen our world famous blog post about the Top Adsense earners in India and the highest Adsense earner.We know that Amit Agarwal of features highly in this list.

All the Indian bloggers are blogging at the moment because of Amit Agarwal and his success story. You can see that here in his life in a day video -

So how does Amit Agarwal make so much money from blogging?

I will answer this question in this blog post today. :)

Ways In Which Amit Agarwal Makes Money Online

Google Adsense

Adsense is the first and foremost method through which Amit Agarwal makes money online. A massive chunk of his online earnings comes from this method.

If you see Labnol very carefully, it has ads different from the ads seen on other blogs.This is mainly because Amit Agarwal is a pro blogger who has a Premium Adsense Account. This also further accounts for his high Adsense earnings.


Just like iGau makes a lot of money from BlogAds, even Labnol makes a lot of money from BlogAds. We can see ads sold out on his blog for 800$ a month per spot! Here is an example of a BlogAd on Labnol.

Labnol BlogAds

Read – No BuySellAds Approval

Feed Ads

Labnol has a lot of feedburner subscribers and hence he utilizes this and places Adsense or paid ads on feeds, this can be excellent additional income as a blogger.

But to build such a large feed list would be virtually impossible in a short space of time.

Direct Ads

Amit Agarwal accepts direct ads from advertisers on his blog. This has been proved by the following picture -

Labnol Advertise This is one of the most expensive ways to advertise on Labnol but still it is popular. Read- How To Find Direct Advertisers?


Finally, Amit Agarwal makes a lot of money online from YouTube. He has a technology channel called Digital Inspiration and there he makes technology oriented “How To” videos which bring in thousands of views and hence a lot of money. Here is an example of one such video -

So these were the different ways in which Labnol makes money online, so will you take up these ways of making money online for your blog too? I sure did! :)

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