Adsense Responsive Ad Units Advantages And Disadvantages

Adsense had recently introduced the dynamic ad-size, which fits and adjusts itself to display the best ad size for the type of viewer (mobile or desktop etc), type of keywords, amount of space available in the theme etc. The responsive ads from adsense can fit to your

What Makes Education Niche Good For Adsense Earnings?

Education niche is by far one of the best sources for Adsense revenue. I am sure most of you bloggers will know about this. Although there is plenty of revenue to be gathered from this niche, to make it big, you need to offer something that others

CCNA CCNP CCIE Impact on IT Salaries

We had recently seen the highest paying IT certifications and realized how much of a difference a couple of IT certifications can make to your income.Today I will discuss the effect of CCNA CCNP & CCIE on your networking salaries. The CCNA is a basic IT and

Top 10 Tech Certifications For Highest Paying Jobs In 2014

The value of the IT certifications have been immensely increased as the individuals who are well-versed in the IT concepts like virtualization, project management, troubleshooting etc. are more in demand as in the coming year of 2014, such certified professionals are likely to get some of the

How To Get Accepted By BlogAds?

BlogAds is one of the best online direct advertising solutions for bloggers and webmasters alike. But all seem to have difficulty in getting approved by blogads. Many new bloggers ask me on Facebook and through mail…. These are pretty common questions that I receive. One of the

When To Start A Forum On Your Blog?

So you are a webmaster or blogger who has a blog. When is the right time to add a forum to your website or blog? First of all, why to add a forum to your blog? [list style="check"] Forums can be the next step in the growth

How To Check If A Website Is Down For Everyone?

Whether you have a self hosted WordPress blog or a Google hosted unsafe blogger blog, your website will have some downtime every now and then. Similarly other websites too will have some downtime. You can see whether a website is down only for you or for everyone

Why Blogger [Blogspot] Blogs Are Unsafe

When people first start out in the world of blogging, whether to make money online or to just blog for fun, they usually choose WordPress or Blogger. Many top bloggers have shifted from Blogger to WordPress platforms once the hit some success. This blog post is mainly

How To Increase Smartphone Battery Life?

I have an LG P880 or the LG Optimus 4X HD smartphone and it always used to run out of battery quickly. At the best times, I had got used to charging my phone twice a day Well, battery consumption depends on how you use your smartphone.

How Does Labnol (Amit Agarwal) Make Money?

Well, we have all seen our world famous blog post about the Top Adsense earners in India and the highest Adsense earner.We know that Amit Agarwal of features highly in this list. All the Indian bloggers are blogging at the moment because of Amit Agarwal and his